The Gifted Child Toolbox

I've noticed that while there are some great gifted education programs here in the St. Louis area there are not very many opportunities for parents and professionals to connect and share experiences and resources. So, I've started The Gifted Child Toolbox Facebook Group

This is a place for you! Whether you're looking for activities, information on gifted programs, or a place to find support for raising a twice exceptional child, this is your place. I am a counselor who works with gifted children and will be posting articles and resources that I think will be helpful. However, I really hope that this will become your place, a place to connect and share.

There is no test to get in! So, if your child is smart and creative, but not currently in a gifted program you are welcome. Please invite and share with other parents, teachers or professionals you know to help make this an awesome community. 

Thanks for connecting and I look forward to seeing you in The Gifted Child Toolbox.