New ways to connect with Gifted Counseling St. Louis in 2016

I always try and stay ahead of the game when it comes to current trends in technology, but generally therapists tend to be a bit more traditional.   So, since it's 2016 I'm introducing two new ways to connect with Gifted Counseling. I hope they will make it even easier for your family to get the support they need to fulfill their true potential.


Sometimes scheduling that first appointment can be a difficult call to make. I will do research on the weekend or late at night and then have to wait to call during business hours. More often than not when this happens I'll forget about it or focus on other priorities instead. Now thanks to Simple Practice you can log into a secure and confidential portal and schedule an appointment at any time (even new patients). Just pick your time and enter some basic information and you are set to go. Usually we will have a follow-up conversation before your appointment just to get acquainted. Current patients can schedule follow up appointments, parent sessions, or additional sessions as well.

You can find the portal here:



With the ease of digital communication and the internet it was only a matter of time till even therapy was available online. This is still an emerging technology, but I believe will be a powerful tool in making mental health available to anyone who needs it. I've been working with a group that has established itself as a place for thoughtful in-depth therapy online; Stillpoint Spaces. Stillpoint was founded in Zurich, Switzerland and has therapists from all over the world working in their respective countries. It has been a wonderful experience working with and connecting with this international group of highly-skilled therapists. Video sessions are formatted in a way that is secure and compliant with privacy regulations.

You can visit my profile on Stillpoint Spaces here:

There are limits to what can be done in online therapy and I would only recommend it for older children, parents or in cases outside of the St. Louis area. This also creates the opportunity to continue sessions while traveling or going off to college. Check out the video below for more information.

Hopefully these new opportunities will make it easier for you to get support when you need it. Help is only a click away.

Find out more on the Scheduling page.