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Your PLPC could be a launchpad to Private Practice


The Road to a LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) is often frustrating, difficult, and worrisome. Get ahead of your peers! The quicker you get licensed, the more job opportunities you will have. Time is of the essence. Wilfred J Krenn MA, LPC is a PLPC (Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor) Supervisor in Missouri. His groups are known for being leaders in the counseling community. Folks that do their supervision are usually go-getters, that want to have a dynamic and meaningful supervision experience!

Wilfred is the owner of Gifted Counseling St. Louis, Startup Therapie and Psychology of Design. In addition to this, he is a PLPC supervisor.

Group PLPC Supervision

Individual Supervision $100 per clinical hour

Group Supervision

3 PLPCs $50/hr

We’re into options. Some clinicians was all individual supervision, while others want to do it in a group with some individual. We’ve based our model on being cost-effective and to give you the best experience. We’re passionate about counseling, if you would like to schedule an interview to be considered for supervision, please clickhere.

There may be a waiting list for group supervision, if you are interested in this service please contact us immediately.

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