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Welcome to the age of the Internet, we've got some catching up to do.


In order to have a successful practice today you need to have a web presence and to really stand out you need a brand. I've heard from so many therapists who are frustrated because their digital marketing doesn't match the vision they have for their practice. Your brand is a future client's first impression of you and if you want them to make an appointment its got to be a good one.

What can a great brand do for your practice?


*Staring at the computer screen wondering what to do*


I think we've all been there, heck I was just there a few minutes ago. Trying to represent yourself and your practice through digital media is hard. There are many tools out there to help, but your marketing feels pieced together, unprofessional. When you look at your website and social media, ask yourself, "Is this how I want future clients to see me?".


If the answer is no you could be losing out on potential income and growth.


A great brand communicates who you are and the strength of your practice before a client even makes their first call. There are a lot of therapists out there in the market, a great brand is one of the ways you can stand out. When you combine branding with niche marketing you can talk directly to the person who needs you most and say, "I get you, I'm the therapist you've been looking for." Most people choose based on a feeling and a great brand creates that feeling.


A case study in design:

To give you an idea of what the design process looks like I'd like to present a case study, the very website you're looking at now. With Psychology of Design I started by looking at my mission:

Mission Statement:

"I want to help therapists grow their practices through stylish and sophisticated design".


Classic and trustworthy with a creative edge

Target Market:

Male and Female therapists who appreciate good design, but are having trouble making it work.

The Mood Board

I chose these inspiration pictures because they perfectly reflected the feel I'm going for. The name Psychology of Design reminds me of old textbooks and the colors and font emulate that. I also like the sophistication and classic appeal of the gray flannel suit and pocket square. Of course there is also the creative spark, in both the literal sparkler, but also the pop of color in the lapel flower.

The Logo

I went with a simple text logo because I wanted to portray a sophistication that wouldn't really come through in a graphic logo and have that classic textbook feel. Then to have that creative pop I added the brush script tag line in the accent color. On the right you can see a previous design concept, which I liked, but didn't quite fit my ultimate overall goal.

The Brand



So, what do you think?


How does it make you feel?


Does it make you want to take charge of your brand?


Personally, I love it. I think it conveys the message that I want to send and reflects my style. This is just one example of what a great brand can do for your practice and if we have the chance to work together my goal is for you to have the same reaction.


Are you ready to take charge of your brand?

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